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I am a professional artist who works with clients that have mental illness; my work centers on helping them to create art that explores their personal voice. Through therapeutic healing, my clients gain self-confidence and satisfaction.

I use many mediums to instruct clients: watercolor, acrylic, collage and silk painting. The medium of silk painting is loose and inherently abstract in nature, allowing for the free exploration of color and form. All of these are important in that the healing process involves personal examination and self-discovery. In addition, the soft values and colors created with this medium are soothing and therapeutic.


Most clients are not capable of delicate fine motor skills, and require my artistic ability to help facilitate their drawing. By helping them with the drawing and their choice of colors, I still have a hand in the creative process. The fact that they have something beautiful, no matter their skill or ability, gives me pride. It becomes a very powerful creation that we both feel good about. Collaborating with others in this way is rewarding on so many levels. My work extends beyond my own canvas.


As an artist I have studied art and painters my whole life. Two painters that have been instrumental in influencing my work are N.C. Wyeth and Georgia O’Keefe. I was profoundly moved by their use of color and design to create the illusion of realism. Though these two painters had very different styles, the brush work and emotion created by the paint on their canvas pushed me to improve my skills. I am constantly looking at color and values in the work I do today. I take pride in the fact that I am still learning.



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